Classic Software provides high quality software solutions that run on IBM's iSeries AS/400 product line. We specialize in mission-critical software for companies with multiple locations or multiple divisions.

Classic Software customers fall into a range of small to medium sized companies whose software requirements necessitate a comprehensive accounting package that is flexible enough to deal with complex company structures but secure enough to give absolute control.

Our customers are real people doing real business that often delves into the virtual world. Our software runs family fun centers, country clubs and golf courses, truck stops, order processing houses, real estate management firms, construction companies and insurance education businesses.

Classic Software applications include: a complete payroll package with time clock; Point of Sale for retail stores; customer service packages; order processing for sales organizations; booking and management software for banquet-style facilities; and serial number tracking. Our accounting package delivers integrity and accountability by incorporating highly effective auditing features, including a single-keystroke function to look at detailed transactions and the ability to travel through time within the accounting system.

Our company continues to focus on the front line of technological advances. New offerings are always under development, with the constant intent to keep our software working harder to increase employee productivity.