Accounts Payable Management

Classic Software's Accounts Payable Management software helps you keep control of your Accounts Payable with the following features:


  • Up to 999 separate Accounts Payable groups defined.
  • Up to 999 codes for department, location, profit center or cost centers defined.
  • Four digit general ledger account number, 3 digit department/company number.
  • Allows overlapping accounting periods for all transactions. Strict audit checking during transaction entry.
  • Batch control totals during transaction entry, dollar amount and general ledger numbers.
  • Complete audit trails at month end.

Vendor Information

  • Name, two address lines, city, state code and 10 digit zip code.
  • Office and fax telephone numbers.
  • Federal I.D. / Social security number for 1099 reporting.
  • Vendor account number (prints on vendor's check).
  • On screen look up of invoice and payment history, verify check reconciliation if cleared in last bank statement.

Invoice Posting

  • Easy to use, full screen entry program works interactively with operator.
  • Use vendor's name to find vendor number.
  • Instant access to previous entered transactions for review or changes.
  • Simultaneous entry from any workstation.
  • Documents user who enter invoice.
  • Batch totals over amount and general ledger numbers help illuminate keying errors.
  • Option to print checks immediately or later by due date.
  • Reoccurring invoices can be associated with properties, vendors, expense categories and specific invoice dates and due dates.

Application Interfaces

  • General Ledger
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Purchase Order application

Check Writing

  • Supports multiple checking accounts.
  • Stores last check number used.
  • Easy to use interactive program allows user to select vendors for payment.
  • Let computer select vendors for payment - allowing the user to add, remove or change payment amounts before checks are actually printed.
  • Partial Payment of invoices.
  • Methods to record manual / void checks.
  • Vendor account number prints on each check (optional general ledger number or description).
  • Allow multiple invoices from a vendor for payment with a single check.
  • Optional MICR laser check printing.


  • Computer assigned vendor numbers.
  • Duplicate invoice number checking (controlled by vendor).
  • Computer generated due dates using vendor terms.
  • Take cash discounts for prompt payments.
  • 3 predefined general ledger numbers per vendor.
  • Keep standard invoice list for payment books, notes payable and other reoccurring invoices.
  • Provisions for holding invoices in dispute.
  • View on screen vendor-account status current, open items, individual paid invoices (displays check number) or total amount by check number.


  • Cash requirements
  • Accounts Distribution Journal
  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Check List
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Vendor Labels
  • Purchase Journal
  • Aged Payables
  • Cash Disbursements
  • Account Analysis
  • Vendor Alpha Lists