Check Reconciliation System

Use Classic Software's Check Reconciliation System to track the status of your checks and their impact on your accounts payable and receivable.
Base Features
  • Multiple bank accounts.
  • User defined offset codes.
  • User defined debit/credit codes.
  • Instant current bank balances on demand.
  • Easy to use interactive full screen entry program.
  • Instant review of outstanding transactions with delete, change and add capabilities.
  • On line editing and forced balance features.
  • Ability to reverse transaction status to clear or outstanding during reconciliation.
  • No need for accruals for transactions falling in next period.
  • Notify user if General Ledger is in balance.
  • Computer search by check amount, check number, check date or description.
  • Verify by single check or range of check numbers.
    Exchange check numbers.
  • Multiple bank statements within a month if needed.
  • Once check has been reconciled on bank statement computer reflects in Accounts Payable vendor.
  • Reset entire check reconciliation.


  • Automatic generation of detail report showing all transactions cleared for bank statement closed.
  • Reference journal source batch numbers for in general ledger.
  • Recaps ending balance.
  • Print all outstanding transactions.
  • Print bank balances.

Application interfaces

  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • General Ledger