Electronic Fuel Distribution 



Classic Software's Electronic Fuel Distribution system (Classic EFD) is a complete ERP business solution that utilizes paperless electronic communication to allow more work with less labor.  Electronic delivery, review and confirmation processes incorporated in this solution eliminate paper shuffle throughout the entire enterprise. The speed, ease and efficiency of the electronic delivery solution has revolutionized the way companies think about doing business. 


Electronic Fuel Distribution learns and remembers new information it encounters during each work day. Designed to monitor web services throughout day to produce fuel pricing data and provide analysis for immediate review for purchasing.  System takes into consideration one time or short term discounts that may be offered by individual fuel terminals.  As hauler leaves terminal Fuel Distribution system communicates BOL information immediately to fuel locations of impending deliveries.


Manager has only to “verify” match of hauler's BOL to received and update inventory. Based on BOL information, invoices are automatically calculated and electronically sent to corporate office where they wait to be verified in accounting as vendor's EFT request or invoice are received.  Vendor EFT requests are processed when accounting requests system to review and match one or multiple outstanding invoices to EFT/payments. Accounting has choice of issuing payments via electronic check with automatic email notification of check stub, or standard paper checks.


Electronic Fuel Distribution incorporates an electronic approval process based on corporate designated "approvers", criteria can be triggered by selected GL numbers, amount or fuel locations. Approvers can be located anywhere they have Internet access (no postage).


 Electronic Fuel Distribution system provides extensive tools for cash management, fuel tax reports with electronic transmission option and robust audit features. Solution automatically sends all journal entries to General Ledger and immediately updates bank balances. Solution offers many levels of Security including positivity pay feature.


Solution runs exclusively on the IBM Power System i with V6R1 (or later); IBM DB2 Content Manager and IBM DB2 Records Manager; WebSphere Application Server, Development Studio and Infoprint Server .  IBM Hardware and Software maintenance are standard recommendations, and solution requires specific IBM software for standard implementation.


  Innovative Features:  

* Paperless

* Monitors, reacts and processes information available via Web with no human intervention.

* Delivers or receives electronic images locally or globally.

* Focus on labor productivity - prefers human approval rather than data entry.

* Solution learns and remembers new information.

* Effortlessly incorporates labor force in multiple locations, internationally or work from home.

* Choice of multiple communication venues.

* Processes/Produces EFTs for Customers & Vendors.

* Electronically Matches Vendor EFT to Unpaid Invoices.

* Utilizes Internet for Receiving Electronic Documents.