Timeclock/Attendance Monitor


Base Features
  • 999 Departments may be defined.
  • 99 Occupation codes may be defined for earnings distribution.
  • Designed to handle 24 hour operation.
  • Employee may clock into as many departments as needed per day.
  • Color coded viewing of schedule status of each employee.
  • View schedule status of all employees or by department.
  • Employee may view or print only his/her schedule.
  • Delete or add employee from today's schedule.
  • Employee may be setup with primary or alternate schedule.
  • Employee may clock in or out of as many departments as needed in a single shift.
  • Multiple occupation codes per shift as needed.
  • Clock in / clock out time frame defined by management.
  • View daily schedules, previous and future records with one key stroke.
  • Use employee badges or number assigned to employee to clock in/out.

Password Security

  • Manager passwords by department level.
  • Manager approval required if clocking in late or leaving early.
  • No changes to detail records with out manager authority.
  • Terminate employee effective immediately.
Labor Analysis
  • View labor analysis report screens.
  • View employee phone numbers.
  • View graphs indicating daily labor scheduled for each hour by occupation code.
  • View graphs reviewing daily labor lobar dollars associated with scheduled.


  • Overtime will be calculated based on a 40 hour week no matter if pay period ended mid week. Computer will remember and calculate overtime based on portion of previous week to make up the full 40 hours for the next pay week. This occurs in bimonthly or monthly pay periods.


  • Weekly schedule.
  • Time Card Summary by employee.
  • Time card summary by department.
  • Detail by employee.

Application interfaces automatically to payroll application