Classic Menu Tools

CMT is a versatile menu solution for AS/400 users: high level of security, easy to maintain, and simple to implement. Allows unlimited levels of nested menus.

Optional user security for each menu option. Define menus for individual users or groups of users. Allows control of library list, current library definition and S/36 file library. Great for help in migrating from System/36 to AS/400. Establish menus for multiple file groups. Security at menu level or options within a menu.

Define menu using custom applications programs or IBM system software. Create user defined shortcut commands for menu options. Short cut command keys to commonly used IBM system operations. On screen adding machine, function Key and calendar to display current date. 999 menu options per menu. Use keyboard and/or mouse to control all menu items or function keys.

User TODO list tracks current tasks and displays target date to complete task, or mark as completed tasks. Document details associated with each task. Define reference code or number to each task. Access to "completed" tasks.

System global phone book select to search customer, vendor, employee or personal data bases for any phone number on the computer.