MICR Printing Tools

Enjoy increased security, efficiency, and flexibility with Classic Software’s Micr Check Printing Tools. The software interfaces seamlessly to all of Classic Software’s accounting applications to produce attractive laser checks. Save time and money by using blank security check paper.


Manage unlimited companies and bank accounts.
Use blank security check paper, eliminating the need for pre-printed checks.
Optional file copy of check.
Print blank checks with tracking system which follows check from issue to check reconciliation.
Check serial number is assigned by the accounting software.
All printed information on the check conforms to the character design and positioning requirements of the American Banking Association.
Two digital signatures allowed.
Optional Logo

The following information may be easily added or updated by authorized personnel.
Add or change bank accounts.
Select printer ID and check layout
Enter all information printed on the check including company name, bank name and address, routing number, and account number.
Control printing of two signature lines with dollar amount required for 2nd signature.