Order Entry System

  Classic Software's Order Entry System is an effective tool for updating, maintaining, and controlling customer and order information. Some of its features are listed below.
  • Up to 999 departments.
  • Up to 999 warehouse locations.
  • Allows overlapping accounting periods for all transactions.
  • Invoice numbers automatically assigned.
  • Complete audit trails at month end.

Order Information

  • Three dimensional item search.
  • Multiple ship to addresses for each customer automatically display at entry.
  • Optional 40 character additional item description.
  • 230 character additional line item comment with optional coding.
  • Identifying shipping, production or special notes.
  • Order numbers generated by the computer.
  • Special or one-time items.
  • Special pricing by category and/or item; for one customer or for all.
  • Date promised by - date or in days.
  • Multiple ship to addresses for each customer or enter as one-time address.
  • Purchase order, contact person, shipped via field for each order.
  • Up to two sales persons for each order with the ability to define two different commission amounts.
  • Three sales tax amounts may be automatically calculated.
  • All states may be defined with percent and vendor number.
  • Two miscellaneous charge fields with general ledger number.
    Print packing slip and/or invoice on demand.

Credit Information

  • Credit information twelve month payment performance during entry.
  • Credit limit with over credit limit indicator displays during entry.
  • Customer past due and aged amounts available during order entry.


  • Customer credit information, past due, aged, largest and account balances.
  • Customer orders open and shipped.
  • Customer search by Alpha, state, zip code, or city.
  • Item stock status - on hand quantities.
  • Open orders and purchase orders by item.
  • Simultaneous inquiry from any workstation.


  • Daily invoice audit report
  • Monthly invoice register
    * Open Orders * Cash Disbursement Journal
    * Sales by customer * Purchase Journal
    * Sales by salesman * Sales Tax Report
    * Sales by product * Sales Below Cost
    * Invoice register * Sales By Item Class
    * 12 month sales comparison by customer
    * 12 month sales comparison by product

Application interfaces automatically to Classic Software's General Ledger.
Journal entries may be placed on disk for interface to another Accounting system.